About the McDowell County Honey Trail

The purposes of the Honey Trail are to promote beekeeper-to-consumer interactions, build trust in local beekeepers, assist public education, create recreational and shopping opportunities for residents and visitors, and expand awareness of the quality of our local honeys and other beehive products.  Expanding production and markets of our local honey and other beehive products are also objectives of the Honey Trail promotion.

Future planned events  include open-to-the-public honey tastings, best tasting honey competitions, meet a beekeeper events, honeybee awareness celebrations, bee yard tours, and festivals, etc.

Ed and Karen Speer, owners of Sweet Betsy Farm (Marion, NC), own and manage the website.


Two types of listings on the website are available.  1) Basic Listings are offered free to McDowell County area honeybee hive product vendors.  Basic Listings include location position & brief description on the interactive map, plus a more detailed listing (if available) on the Meet Your Beekeepers page.  2) Platinum Listings are offered for $100/year and include the features of the Basic Listing, plus red-dot location on the interactive map, expanded details on the Meet Your Beekeepers page, and a separate individual page linked from your listing on the Meet Your Beekeepers page.  The Platinum Listing separate page can consist of text, images, videos, and/or audio related to that specific beekeeping operation.  All submitted content is subject to review and approval of the website owners.  Contact us to learn more about your listing:  Ed@SweetBetsyFarm.com  or Karen@SweetBetsyFarm.com